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Why take the Census?

  • Even if you can’t vote, the census is a way to participate in our democracy and ensure you’re not erased. Census counts determine, for example, the number of representatives each state gets.
  • Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe, secure, and protected by federal law. Your answers can only be used to produce statistics. They cannot be used against you by any government agency or court in any way—not by the FBI, DHS, or ICE.
  • When we fill out the census form, and we make sure that all of us are counted, we can help our communities get the schools, hospitals, and roads we need. If we don’t get counted, we don’t count. And we’ll miss out for the next 10 years.

EVERYONE COUNTS – take the census!!

Updates on COVID19

Sewa-Aifw is qualified as ESSENTIAL during the stay-at-home orders. We are working to bring you information and updates regarding COVID19 on our Covid Resources page. We are continuing our services to the South Asian community in-person when necessary but are otherwise working remotely to best serve the community at large. One of the essential services we are actively providing is meals & assistance to seniors, victims, and those adversely affected by COVID19.

If you do need immediate assistance or are in need of our services, or if you are looking for information please contact us. Our 24×7 Crisis Line (952) 912 – 9100 is also available for immediate assistance.

Our Mission

Sewa-Aifw is a nonprofit organization committed to serving, supporting, and enhancing family wellness for the South Asian community. Especially the vulnerable and underserved, in the Twin Cities and around Minnesota, by providing health care access and wellness information and resources; access to family violence resources and supports; and elder socialization activities

Our Vision

Envisioning a South Asian community that is healthy and violence-free, with self-determined women and engaged and supported elders and families.



SEWA needs Meals for Seniors & Victims

We at SEWA have been providing meals for Seniors & Victims of Domestic Violence in the South Asian community who are unable to cook, lack funds, are living in shelters, and/or don’t have access to the culturally specific food they require. We also accommodate various dietary restrictions including: vegetarian food, low sodium, low sugar.
During this pandemic of COVID19, we are getting more calls for help from Seniors & Victims who really need access to food. We have our volunteers ready to deliver meals, but we do need additional funds for groceries and preparation.
We need to plan for the next 90 days. A 5 meal supply for each senior costs $70. A 16 meal supply for each senior costs $175.
Please donate today and let’s make sure the vulnerable in the South Asian community can get the food they need. Your donation goes directly towards balanced meals which include rotis (flatbread), sabzis (cooked vegetables), daal (lentils), and fruit (or similar assortment of food).

Latest News

Student Art Competition

We have our winners for our first Student Art Competition! To participate, current college students in MN submitted a piece that reflected the topic of Mental Health. They really did…

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