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Coming Together to Distribute Meals to the Community

A photo of one of our popup events with Midtown YWCA on Lake Street in Minneapolis. SEWA staff Juveria and Karuna are handing out meals and resources to visitors to the popup.

Though the pandemic presents a barrier to many of our activities, our meal distribution program has continued to expand. This past weekend, we joined up with YWCA Minneapolis-Midtown on Lake Street to distribute meals to the local community.

Despite the fall chill in the air, it was a busy day at the Midtown YWCA. We have been distributing meals — prepared with India Kitchen Dinkytown — throughout the pandemic. YWCA volunteers handed out hygiene kits while SEWA staff gave out 190 nutritious, culturally-specific meals.

Prior to joining with YWCA Midtown, we set up shop at CAPI USA Brooklyn Park for a day of meal distribution a couple weeks ago. This weekend’s event at the YWCA will be the first of several throughout the fall.

Thanks to a generous grant from Meals on Wheels, we have been able to expand our meal distribution programs significantly. Events such as these will continue throughout the fall along with flu shot popups. COVID-19 may have made things more complicated, but our goal and passion to serve our community remains.

It was extra special to be distributing meals from the YWCA Midtown, as it is only a mile down the road from Sewa’s Lake Street office. Much of Lake Street has been (and remains) boarded up since the George Floyd demonstrations over the summer.

The Lake Street Aldi across the street from the YWCA has reopened and the Cub Foods has opened a temporary structure to replace the damaged permanent location. The Lake Street Target remains closed due to damages. Until local groceries can reopen, the need for food distribution is ongoing.

We will continue to work with India Kitchen Dinkytown and the Midtown YWCA to serve our local community and distribute nutritious food for all we can.

A SEWA staff member and a volunteer stand behind a table with pre-packaged meals. Next to them, other SEWA staff hand out literature and resources to visitors.
A photo of the YWCA tent and their food distribution setup. The SEWA tent is further down, showing the line of visitors to the popup on the sidewalk.

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  1. […] But that’s not all — with the help of a generous grant from Meals on Wheels, we’ve been packaging and delivering culturally-specific meals to our valued community members who are unable to cook themselves. With the help of our staff and wonderful volunteers, we deliver meals on multiple routes throughout the Twin Cities metro. In addition to meal deliveries, Sewa has been partering with local organizations to host meal distribution events in various communities, such as our recent popup at Midtown YWCA. […]

  2. […] With many out of work, delivering meals has become an essential part of our programming. Our meals team delivers food straight to homes of our clients, as well as to community members with Midtown YWCA. You can read about our partnership with Midtown YWCA here. […]

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