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We host community contests from time to time. These contests are open to anyone in the community who wants to share their art and advance SEWA-AIFW’s mission.

Open Contests

Shelter Art Project: Unleash Your Creativity

Art is a medium of expression and can become your voice when the oppressors think you have been silenced. Violence, whether it is domestic or sexual, takes away a lot from an individual. While it leaves scars, there is healing too, though it may take its own course and time for each individual.

This art project is an effort by SEWA-AIFW and Violence Free Minnesota to let the world see through your art that despite the violence meted out to you, you are not only a survivor but a victor who has transitioned, triumphed, and won over your difficulties!

We are partnered with Violence Free Minnesota to hold this contest with several women’s shelters around Minnesota.

Click here to learn about Violence Free Minnesota.

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021

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