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COVID19 Information

Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information about COVID-19, testing, vaccines, and travel.

This page was updated 4/13/21

Mass Vaccination Sites

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds is a FEMA mass vaccination site from April 14 to June 9. Vaccines are free and do not require insurance or ID.

If you live in certain zip codes in Hennepin, Ramsey, Dakota, or Anoka county, you can get your vaccine at the fairgrounds! You can get all the information from the download, or check below for a full text list of eligible counties.

State Fair Vaccine Flyer (3 downloads)

Eligible Zip Codes

  • Hennepin County
    • 55343, 55344, 55369, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409,
      55411, 55412, 55413, 55414, 55415, 55418, 55420, 55422, 55423,
      55425, 55426, 55427, 55428, 55429, 55430, 55443, 55444, 55445,
      55454, 55455, 55467
  • Ramsey County
    • 55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55106, 55107, 55109, 55113, 55117,
      55119, 55126, 55127, 55128, 55130, 55144, 55146, 55155
  • Dakota County
    • 55118, 55122, 55124, 55306, 55337
  • Anoka County
    • 55433, 55432, 55421, 55448


1680 Como Ave, Falcon Heights, MN 55108


Option 1: Call to schedule an appointment at 833-431-2053, 9am-7pm Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday.

Option 2: sign up for the Vaccine Connector to be contacted

Option 3: Refugees and immigrants can call for scheduling help in other languages at 651-318-0989, 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.


There is regular-route bus service to the fairgrounds. There’s a free Metro Transit pass for the day of your appointment included in the confirmation text/email.

Click here for metro information.

Get Vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines are free for all, regardless of insurance.

To get vaccinated, you only need to meet eligibility requirements. All Minnesotans aged 16+ are now eligible!

Click here to see Minnesota Department of Health’s vaccine rollout infographic.

Statewide Vaccine Connector

Minnesota residents can register for the Vaccine Connector. All Minnesotans are now eligible, so register! You will receive updates on vaccine opportunities.

Click here to register for the Vaccine Connector.

Hennepin County Vaccine Connector

Hennepin County residents can also register for the county’s vaccine connector tool. Registering for this system does not disqualify you from the state-wide Vaccine Connector.

Click here to register for the Hennepin County Vaccine System.

You can find more information about Hennepin County’s system here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Spotter

Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Spotter is another helpful tool. You can search by pharmacy, vaccine type, and appointment type. It displays vaccine appointments in real time.

Click here to visit the MN Vaccine Spotter.

Vaccine Questions?

Vaccinations are starting to happen in Minnesota!

Vaccines will be given out in stages, from the highest-priority, such as front line health care workers, and down. Minnesota Department of Health is working on a plan to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.

Check out MDH’s COVID-19 frequently asked questions here:

Vaccine FAQ (34 downloads)

Frequently asked questions about current vaccination eligibility guidelines:

Vaccine Eligibility FAQ (7 downloads)

Find vaccine information for COVID-19 here:

Vaccine Resources (21 downloads)

Better understand the terminology about vaccines:

Vaccine Terminology (15 downloads)

Travel Plans?

If you are making travel plans, be sure to take all steps to ensure the safest possible journey.

Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, the CDC advises delaying plans until you can get fully vaccinated.

Wear a mask at all times, avoid crowds and social distance when possible, and wash hands frequently.

Domestic Travel CDC Guidelines (0 downloads)
International Travel CDC Guidelines (0 downloads)

What if I need to travel before I’m vaccinated?

If you need to travel before getting vaccinated, there’s a few extra precautions to take.

  • Get tested 1-3 days prior to leaving
  • Get tested 3-5 days after travel and self-quarantine for 7 days (10 if not tested)
  • Self-monitor for symptoms
  • Wear a mask!

Avoid Scams

With so much new information, it can be hard to keep up with everything.

Scammers know that and have been taking advantage of the uncertainty. This graphic from Minnesota Department of Health has tips for recognizing and avoiding scams.

Check out MDH’s tips on recognizing, avoiding, and reporting scams.

COVID Scams (5 downloads)

Get Tested

Free testing is available!

The below community testing sites are designed to serve the local community. If you live farther away, we encourage you to get tested at your local clinic.

Questions about testing? We have answers.

Testing Questions (29 downloads)

Community Testing – Saliva Tests

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is offering Minnesotans more and different options for COVID-19 testing by offering saliva testing, in addition to traditional COVID-19 community testing, in a growing number of locations across the state. The test is more comfortable than a nasal swab, and available at no cost to anyone who believes they need a COVID-19 test.

  • Saliva testing is free and available to all Minnesotans who believe they need to be tested, with or without symptoms.
  • Identification is not required. You do need to have an email address and phone number to receive your results.
  • Insurance is not required. If you do have insurance, you will need to show your card. The test is completely free whether or not you have insurance, and you will not receive a bill.
  • Saliva testing may not be right for those with low saliva production, such as children under age 4 or someone who has suffered a stroke.

Community Testing – Nasal Swabs

Nasal swab testing is available in many clinics and hospitals across Minnesota.

  • Signing up ahead of time helps avoid long lines. People who walk in without an appointment might have to come back later or another day.
  • If you are not able to sign up online, or need an interpreter, call 1-855-612-0677 for assistance.
  • You’ll need to show your identification and insurance information (if you have insurance) when you arrive.

There are many COVID19 testing sites throughout Minnesota. Find one near you.

Locations are setting their own guidelines for patients. Some are only testing symptomatic patients, some are accepting asymptomatic patients, some are fee-based. Various location information is on the site.

Some locations can perform a rapid COVID-19 test for an additional fee. They aren’t as accurate as a nasal or saliva test, especially if you don’t have symptoms.

मिनसोटा में कोविड़-19 टेस्ट के लिए कई केंद्र उपलब्ध हैं। अपने निकटतम केंद्र को यहां खोजे!
सभी केंद्र अलग अलग तरीकों से अपने दर्दीयों के लिए दिशा निर्देशों को स्थापित कर रहे हैं। कुछ केंद्र सिर्फ लक्षणात्मक (symptomatic) दर्दीयों को ही जाँच रहे हैं, कुछ अ-लक्षणात्मक (asymptomatic) दर्दीयों को भी स्वीकार कर रहे हैं, कुछ शुल्क आधारित हैं। विभिन्न केन्द्रों की जानकारी साईट पर उपलब्ध है।

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