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Make a Difference

Your contribution is more than just a donation.

It is food in someone’s pantry; medicine in their cabinet. It is help for 300 survivors in the past year and community for those who need it.

We envision a South Asian community that is healthy and violence-free, with self-determined women and engaged and supported youth, elders, and families.

It’s all possible thanks to your help.

How much should I donate?

For our seniors:

$30 is enough gas to deliver meals to 10 seniors.

$70 is 5 culturally-specific, nutritious meals for one of our seniors.

$175 is 16 culturally-specific meals for one of our seniors.

For programs:

$50 allows one of our seniors to join on a field trip.

$200 allows us to bring in guest speakers for programming and events.

$2,000 covers all costs of putting together an outing for any of our programs.

For counseling:

$75 covers the cost of a 30-minute counseling session.

$150 covers an hour-long session.

$450 is a month’s worth of counseling.

For relocating a survivor and providing a month of assistance:

$150 provides groceries and basic necessities for a week.

$300 covers storage during the move.

$500 is a security deposit.

$600 provides groceries and basic necessities for the whole month.

$1,200 covers the first month’s rent.


Dhanyavaad (thank you) for your support!

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