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Chai & Chat brings women together. We are excited to be able to offer a monthly Chai and Chat in our community where we create a safe space for woman to come together share their stories, discuss issues, have fun and a chance to take break from their daily schedule.

December Chai & Chat: TBD


OUR COMMUNITY HEALTH CLINICS ARE COMING TO A CLOSE FOR 2019.  Last Clinic is Sunday November 24, 2019 at the Hindu Temple. We are available for Cholesterol/A1 C  Testing, Referrals, etc By Appointment Only at the SEWA office. We will start community clinics again in the spring. Stay tuned on our facebook page for updates.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month @ Sikh Society of MN Gurudwara: 11am-2pm.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month @ SV Temple: 11am-2pm.

Every 4th Sunday of the month @ Hindu Temple of MN: 11am-2pm

During our health clinics SEWA volunteers provide blood pressure measurements, glucose testing, nutritional consulting, & medical consultations.

We also provide referrals to low-cost, culturally sensitive health services.

A1C & Cholesterol Testing now available during the Monthly Clinics @ Hindu Mandir. A $25 fee will be assessed to cover supplies, register online via the link or on our facebook page.


Join our Women’s Group for Chai & Chat 

Chai & Chat events are held at various locations each month – from local parks & libraries to women-owned businesses.  We create supportive and safe spaces for women to come together to discuss issues, share their stories, and to enjoy different activities and outings. 

Interested in hosting? Let us know!

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