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How You Can Help the COVID-19 Crises in India and Nepal (Updated 5/14/21)

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India and Nepal are gripped by the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the world. The healthcare systems are stretched thin, leaving many people to track down oxygen, PPE, and more on their own. Doctors, volunteers, and local organizations are working hard to prevent further loss, but they need help. Here’s some organizations you can donate to.

It may feel hopeless to watch the crisis unfold from half a world away. However, the global community is mobilizing behind India and Nepal. The efforts of any one individual may feel miniscule, but individuals like ourselves rallying across the world can help make real change.

Below, you will find organizations that are raising funds to combat the COVID-19 crises in India and Nepal. A few are local Twin Cities organizations, a few are large, international organizations, and some are on the ground in India and Nepal.

Please consider donating to any one of these organizations.

Twin Cities Organizations

Chance Foundation of Minnesota

Chance Foundation is based in Plymouth, Minnesota. Their mission is to help underprivileged children in India with their basic education, health, and development needs. At the time of writing, Chance has raised $26,000 of their $100,000 goal for COVID-19 relief in India. They are raising money for masks and sanitation, oxygen alternatives, and a patient helpline.

Click here to go directly to their fundraiser.

You can learn more about Chance here.


SwaraVedika is also based in Plymouth and has chapters across the country as well as in India. They are a youth-led nonprofit that uses music to raise funds for children in the US and India to have access to education and basic necessities. SwaraVedika has been taking the lead among local Minnesota organizations in sending oxygen supplies to India.

Click here to donate to SwaraVedika.

You can learn about SwaraVedika’s COVID-19 initiatives here.

International Organizations

Khalsa Aid International

Khalsa Aid is a UK-based humanitarian relief charity whose mission is inspired by and based on the Sikh ideology “welfare for all.” They provide disaster relief for all, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or gender, from the UK to Nepal to Greece and to the Middle East. Khalsa Aid is using donations to support a network of medical organizations, facilities, and NGO’s across India.

Donate to Khalsa Aid here. Note that their donation amounts are in British pounds — £10 is about $14.

Click here to read about Khalsa Aid’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

Organizations in India and Nepal

The Small World (Nepal)

The Small World is a joint USA/Kathmandu, Nepal-based NGO whose outreach efforts spread across the country. Their focus is on supporting locally-driven sustainable community development projects. The Small World works with communities over the course of years to facilitate organic, home-grown solutions to social problems. At the time of writing, The Small World’s Nepal Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund has raised $43,000 of their $50,000 goal.

Click here to donate to The Small World via GlobalGiving.

Learn about The Small World here.

Sano Paila – A Little Step (Nepal)

Sano Paila is a multi-faceted NGO based in Birgunj, Nepal, which is the largest city in Nepal’s Province No. 2. Their numerous programs all support Sano Paila’s overall mission, which is to reduce poverty and injustice in Nepal. As the COVID-19 crisis has spiraled out of control, Sano Paila has focused their efforts on providing meals to those most affected by Nepal’s many lockdowns. They have also established a COVID-19 helpline for the entire province to connect people with medical help.

Donate to Sano Paila here.

Read about Sano Paila’s COVID-19 response here.

Follow Sano Paila on Instagram.

Feed the Hungry Nepal

Feed the Hungry Nepal began in June 2020 as a grassroots, youth-led initiative to provide meals for those who were unable to support themselves during the lockdowns in Kathmandu. What began as five determined teens is now a registered nonprofit with over 400 members and volunteers working to provide food and oxygen in 12 districts of Nepal. Feed the Hungry Nepal has been one of the early responders in the second wave of COVID-19 in Nepal.

Click here to donate to Feed the Hungry Nepal and read about their COVID-19 response.

Click here to visit their website.

Follow Feed the Hungry Nepal on Instagram.

Hami Nepal Youth Organization

Hami Nepal Youth Organization is a youth-led volunteer network. They began in 2015 as a response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Their volunteers are working tirelessly to procure medical equipment and services, and to assist hospitals in expanding their COVID-19 treatment capacities. At the time of writing, Hami Nepal has set up hundreds of beds for COVID-19 patients in hospitals in Kathmandu.

Click here to donate to Hami Nepal and read about their COVID-19 response.

Visit their Facebook here.

Follow Hami Nepal on Instagram here.

Feeding From Far (India)

Feeding From Far is a Mumbai nonprofit that distributes weekly food rations to over 7,000 families in Govandi, which is one of Mumbai’s most impoverished areas. Many of Govandi’s residents are immigrants and have been unemployed throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. Since the first lockdown, Feeding From Far has distributed 1.7 million meals.

Donate to Feeding From Far here.

Click here to visit Feeding From Far’s Facebook.

Click here to follow Feeding From Far on Instagram.

Hemkunt Foundation (India)

Hemkunt Foundation is a New Delhi-area NGO based on the Sikh principle “welfare for all.” They have several ongoing projects that each address different needs, such as skills-training to lift people out of poverty and aid for the farmers’ protests. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Hemkunt has been providing free oxygen to COVID-19 patients and food, rations, and sanitary supplies to families affected by the lockdowns.

Click here to donate to Hemkunt Foundation and to learn about their COVID-19 relief efforts.

Learn about Hemkunt Foundation here.

Follow Hemkunt Foundation on Instagram.

Feeding Villagers in Need (India)

This is a fundraiser organized on behalf of the villagers of Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. The remote villages outside the small city of Bodh Gaya have established a network of food distribution. A group of devoted volunteers is managing this network, bringing food to mountain villages and supporting more than 300 families affected by the lockdowns. At the time of writing, they have raised nearly $6,500 of their $8,000 goal.

Click here to donate to their GoFundMe and learn about their efforts.

Parivar (India)

Parivar Bay Area is based in the US and works with a network of 25+ organizations across India. Their mission is to support and protect “our South Asian Queer Trans Family.” The pandemic has exacerbated the already extreme marginalization faced by the Indian Trans Hijra community. Parivar has organized Save Indian Trans Lives, or SITAL, to distribute food and health kits in over 10,000 communities in 13 of India’s 28 states. At the time of writing, the SITAL: COVID Relief Fund has raised $69,000 of their $176,000 goal.

Donate to SITAL on GoFundMe and read more about their efforts here.

Click here to visit Parivar’s website.

Parivar has compiled a list of adjacent organizations and fundraisers, which you can view here.

Parivar was featured in a New York Times piece, which you can read here.

We Can Help

Your efforts may feel like a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be dry without those drops. Please consider donating to any of the organizations we’ve listed here. If you cannot donate, please share this article. If you know of a reputable, genuine organization that does not appear on this list, please let us know and we can update it.

We must work together to alleviate the crises in India and Nepal. Your help can save lives.

Click here to suggest an organization to include.

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