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You can listen to SEWA-AIFW’s podcasts, South Asian Voices and Life Without Limca, here.

South Asian Voices

South Asian Voices is an offering by SEWA-AIFW that raises questions against the oppressive practices of blind patriarchy and challenges outdated gender norms that perpetuate domestic violence in our community.

Through podcasts, we bring to you individuals and experts, working tirelessly to break the cycle of abuse and create a world where women stand on an equal footing. Not limited to domestic violence, also included will be individuals from the South Asian community who are making a difference in the lives of others, be it through social work, teaching, art, mental health initiatives.

Life Without Limca

Ever wondered while going to a therapist for counseling if you are ‘crazy’? Has talking to your parents about mental health has been difficult? Were you ever told to hide your mental health issues, or these were brushed off as a weakness? If you said yes to any of these, this is a podcast for you! We will talk about the stigmas, taboos, stories,

This podcast will specifically tackle the challenges and struggles of going through life as a South Asian immigrant or child of immigrants, and just navigating as a Brown person!

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