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SEWA-AIFW Joins With 12 Organizations to Engage Voters

In the final days before the 2020 Presidential Election, SEWA-AIFW joined a coalition to engage voters from the Asian and immigrant community. From October 31 to November 3, Ignite Minnesota Asian Power (IMAP) directly engaged with 5,880 community members.

Over the course of Get Out the Vote, SEWA’s staff along with 477 other volunteers recruited by IMAP made tens of thousands of phone calls. SEWA, alongside 11 local organizations, helped generate hundreds of volunteer hours.

As we all know, the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we had to vote. The IMAP volunteer coalition spent time informing and assisting community members to ensure all who were eligible to vote could make their voices heard.

The votes will be finalized in the coming days, which is normal for elections. Furthermore, this was a record-breaking year — Minnesota election officials estimate voter turnout of up to 80% for the city of Minneapolis.

It was an honor to volunteer alongside the other wonderful organizations in the Twin Cities. Thank you to IMAP and the participating organizations!

You can see the full IMAP press release below, including remarks from CAPI-USA and AAOP.

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