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“South Asian Voices,” SEWA-AIFW’s Second Podcast Is Here!

We are extremely excited to announce SEWA’s second podcast, South Asian Voices. Join host Geetanjali Mittal in conversations around domestic violence with an array of distinguished guests.

This is a podcast for all. First and foremost, this is about and for survivors of domestic violence and abuse. It is for family, friends, and community members who want to learn and create discussions in their own circles. It is for youth who are learning to recognize the signs of abuse in their own relationships.

Through South Asian Voices, we want to spread awareness and support. This is a platform for those tough — but necessary — conversations that we are too hesitant to have in our community. Through the discussions and stories shared, we hope that survivors who are listening will find their experiences and feelings validated and lifted up.

What Will I Find If I Listen?

Listeners will find interviews with distinguished individuals who are working to advance conversations around domestic violence in South Asia. You will hear from advocates and survivors who are effecting real change both in our communities in the US and abroad. Interviews will also feature individuals who are making differences in lives through their own mediums, be it art, social work, teaching, or mental health initiatives.

Curious for more? Take a look at the description of South Asian Voices, with our host:

South Asian Voices is an offering by SEWA-AIFW that raises questions against the oppressive practices of blind patriarchy and challenges outdated gender norms that perpetuate domestic violence in our community. Through podcasts, we bring to you individuals and experts, working tirelessly to break the cycle of abuse and create a world where women stand on an equal footing. Not limited to domestic violence, also included will be individuals from the South Asian community who are making a difference in the lives of others, be it through social work, teaching, art, mental health initiatives.

Join us in Episode 1 with host Geetanjali Mittal and our first guest, social justice pioneer Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal.

Mahabanoo recently won the KarmaVeer Puraskaar Award for her groundbreaking work in bringing the world-famous “Vagina Monologues” to India. In this episode, you will hear her discuss how this theatrical piece has challenged conservative values in India, and broken open conversations around violence towards women across the country.

About the Host

Geetanjali is an educator, storyteller, internationally published researcher, and certified community health worker. She has lived in 6 different Indian cities, which has fostered a deep appreciative of culture and diversity. With two Master’s degrees, Geetanjali has taught learners of all levels across rural and urban settings for over ten years.

Wellness, equity, and inclusion have always been dear to her heart and paved the way to her transition into community health and social justice. Geetanjali has a genuine interest in people, and an ability to connect, especially with women in transition. While her spiritual practice keeps her centered, she is an artist at heart and enjoys reading, writing poetry, painting. She develops programs for SEWA-AIFW to empower the underserved.

Where and When Can I Listen?

You can listen to South Asian Voices at anchor.fm, as well as Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public.

Episodes will generally be posted on a monthly basis, where you will enjoy important discussions between host Geetanjali and esteemed guests. You will also hear original music composed, produced, and performed by Shiva Sagar.

Check out the trailer below!

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Listen to South Asian Voices here. Listen to our other podcast, Life Without Limca, here.

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