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Student Art Competition

We have our winners for our first Student Art Competition!

To participate, current college students in MN submitted a piece that reflected the topic of Mental Health. They really did a beautiful job!! Here are the winning entries:

1st Place: Meghana Chimata

Title: Sensory Overload
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 🖌️
Description: Sensory overloads are a common side effect of anxiety. It is something I myself have experienced. Sensory overloads are what helped me realize that mental illness is not a choice. My piece aims to capture what I feel like when I get sensory overload. Everything around you feels like too much: colors, sounds, smells, etc. For me it is mainly auditory, hence the two people talking in the corner. When a sensory overload is happening, at least for me, it feels like my brain is about to explode, hence the “melting brain” on the blue side on the canvas.

Meghana is in her second year at the University of Minnesota. When she is not painting, she loves dancing, binging Netflix, being outdoors, playing Game Pigeon, and exploring new coffee shops with friends.

2nd Place: Sanhita Sengupta

Title: Mental Health : The Silent Agony
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
The vibrant smile, the overpowering fragrance, oh the enchanting facade…Your mind, a mysterious canopy through which you run to catch a glimpse of light…The seemingly endless tunnel at the end of which you know the sun rises & the mountains shine…Know that the trees will sway with the wind, the tunnel will end to a rising sun, oh so bright!
You’re not alone, you don’t have to struggle in silence … Reach out and take care!

Sanhita grew up in Mumbai, India. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Statistics at the University of Minnesota, with aspirations to pursue a career in data science research. She is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and continues to develop her passion for artistic expression through dance and painting. As a painter, Sanhita has worked with acrylic on canvas and enjoys exploring around a variety of themes such as nostalgia and portraits.

3rd Place: Rishabh Yata

Title: Mental Health and Wellness
Medium: Graphite Pencil Drawing ✏️
This art is a representation of an average persons mental conditions and challenges in society today.

Rishabh Yata is currently a grad student at MNSU. He specializes in Information Technology and drawing/digital art is his hobby.

Honorable Mention: Jannis Benjamin

Title: Dancing Away
Medium: Nail Polish
Description: Mental health is learning how to take care and express yourself.  Dancing is a beautiful way to physically exercise your body and emotionally express yourself . Dancers can also get in touch with a culture and find a community. Dancing can help many to attain positive mental health.

Jannis Benjamin is an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Minnesota. She was born in Tamilnadu, India, and grew up in Minnesota. Her favorite saying is “Bore adichathu athan” or “Because I was bored.” Whenever Jannis is bored, she tries to create something new, like a story or artwork. In each of her works, she utilizes tools around her (like nail polish) and incorporates part of her roots. By focusing on a new project, she is able to distract herself from mental stresses and keep her active.

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