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We Need Your Help With Project SAHAT!

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You may recall a project we introduced a few years back. South Asian Health Assessment Tool, or SAHAT, is an ongoing research project of SEWA-AIFW and Carleton College. The first iteration of SAHAT in 2014 focused on physical health. Now, we are expanding our focus.

Project SAHAT was first debuted in 2014. It aimed to expand our knowledge of health issues in the community, mainly diabetes and cholesterol. Now, we have expanded our focus to learn about mental and physical health, as well as domestic and sexual violence, and senior abuse.

Furthermore, this comprehensive survey seeks to understand our community’s self-care methods. We want to understand the issues affecting our community and the ways in which we cope.

What Will SAHAT Information Be Used For?

The goal of this survey is to gather information that will allow us to better serve the community. It’s similar to the US Census — the information we learn will inform how we conduct our work! SEWA-AIFW’s future programs will be designed using these survey results.

Furthermore, SEWA’s long-term goal is to be a reliable source of information in the South Asian community. The South Asian community in the Twin Cities has nearly doubled in size in the last ten years. Relevant research and information, however, has not. It is our goal to be a resource for anyone who needs information.

In short, the more responses we get, the better we can serve our community in the future!

What Is The Timeline?

This survey will be ongoing over the next several months so we can collect as many responses as possible. That means there’s plenty of time for you to fill it out and to get some friends and family to do the same!

How Do I Fill Out The Survey?

The survey takes approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. If you are helping someone fill it out, it might take closer to 20 minutes.

Because this survey is evaluating the needs of the South Asian community, please only respond if you are of South Asian origin/descent.

Click here to anonymously fill out the survey.

What About Information Privacy?

Your answers to the survey are completely confidential.

Yes, you will be emailed a unique survey link. However, your answers will be completely separate. When you fill out the survey, our staff in charge of Project SAHAT will only be able to see answers. They will not be able to see who filled out a given survey.

Do I Get Anything For Completing It?

If you fill out and complete the survey, your email will be added to a drawing. After we have received a sufficient amount of responses, we’ll draw from the list and you could win a $50 gift card! We will draw once a month for three months, with one winner per month.

The drawing list is completely separate from the responses. It will not affect the confidentiality of the answers.

If you filled out the anonymous link above, email media@sewa-aifw.org to enter your name in the drawing!

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