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Welcome To Our New Podcast!

We are fighting the stigmatization of mental health. In that effort, SEWA-AIFW is excited to announce our own Podcast! Life Without Limca is co-hosted by SEWA Community Advocate Kirat, along with fellow UMN students Simran and Pallavi.

Life Without Limca will discuss stigmas, taboos, stories, and incidents while navigating mental health issues. We hope that once you listen, you’ll go, “Wow, when’s the next episode!”

This podcast will specifically tackle the challenges and struggles of going through life as a South Asian Immigrant or child of immigrants, or just navigating as a Brown person!

Meet the Hosts

Kirat was born and raised in Minnesota. She is currently a student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, studying Psychology, Human Resources + Industrial relations, and Leadership. She is a passionate advocate for mental health, especially in multicultural communities.

Her involvement with the UMN Indian Association and SEWA-AIFW provides a platform for mental health advocacy. Kirat’s work increases awareness about mental health among youth and young adults. Through her, SEWA has been able to distribute more culturally-specific materials.

Pallavi moved from Jaipur, India to Minneapolis four years ago to for her undergraduate education. In May, she graduated from UMN, having studied Human Resources, Management Information Systems, and Psychology.

During college, Pallavi discovered her love for her South Asian culture and heritage, and a passion for mental health advocacy. She explores these topics in her two podcasts, The Caffeinated Brown Girl, where she brings in BIPOC creatives, pioneers, and business owners to share their stories, and Life Without Limca. In addition to her podcasts, Pallavi is a by-day marketing analyst.

Simran is a third-year student at the University of Minnesota whose parents were immigrants and grandparents, refugees. Simran, like many South Asian youth, knows how difficult it can be to talk about, manage, and heal mental health with her family. She is especially excited to bring lesser-heard stories, ideas, and perspectives about mental health.

SEWA-AIFW is happy to be announcing this podcast where we will learn from Kirat, Pallavi, and Simran and their interviews with esteemed individuals. You can find the first episode out now, and get to know the stories of our hosts a little better!

You can listen to the first episode of Life Without Limca here.

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