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Emotional Well-Being

We, as a community, often give help; We, as a community, often have difficulty receiving help. Let us seek balance.

-Sonal Markanda, PhD, LP

What is Emotional Well-Being?

Emotional well-being is related to other aspects of our self such as: spiritual, financial, and physical, etc. Emotional well-being involves the use of effective coping strategies when interacting with others; understanding, identifying, and managing our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are healthy for our self and those around us. Below are various common mental health concerns, along with resources and links that help us understand how to deal with these issues.

We recently held an art competition for students to create an art the reflected mental health. Below are the artworks – read more here.

Common Mental Health Disorders

black and white picture of a woman with her hand across her face looking downwards as though sad




Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

black and white picture of a person holding their head as though stressed

Common Addictions

a black and white glass of whiskey


Recognizing Emotions




Black and white picture of an angry South Asian man
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