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Programs for Adoptees

Promoting healthy interpersonal relationships, understanding of each other and our heritages, and exploration of one another’s cultures together.


SANGAM (संगम; Hindi for “confluence) at SEWA-AIFW exists to create an interface between those who have been adopted from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Trinidad, Guyana, and the Caribbean diaspora) and the greater Indian community in the Twin Cities, a confluence of where we came from in the world and where we are today.

SANGAM is a social group with two goals:

To help integrate those who have been adopted from South Asia into the greater South Asian diaspora;

To facilitate learning about South Asian cultures and heritage and create a shared knowledge base.

SANGAM offers on-demand programming, such as:

  • Monthly virtual meetups — some are spaces only for adoptees. Others may feature guest speakers/teachers/artists, etc.
  • Healing or focus group gatherings and activities
  • Exploration and/or decoding South Asian festivals, rituals, traditions, myths, and folktales


Let’s Connect

If you were adopted from South Asia and are looking for peers, this is a group for you! Join us for virtual meetups, workshops, and more!

You can also join our Facebook group!

If you are under 18, or are family of someone who was adopted from South Asia, and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to email us!

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